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Highly creative graphics tool to create images based on magnetic fields
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Those who would like to create computer-generated graphics of high quality or add fractal-like animations to their projects will find Amberlight 2 a huge improvement over previous versions. This efficient graphics tool, suitable for both the expert and the novice, mixes mathematics and art to produce unique patterns based on Peter Blaškovič’s algorithm.

By combining an extensive colour palette and easy-to-apply wave, contrast, and filter settings, you can create hypnotic and highly attractive animated patterns whose quality only your creativity can limit. You can start off by selecting one of the many scene presets provided to define the video quality, its size, and the frames per second. Define a background colour and you’re ready to start unleashing your imagination. Select one variation and a wave type and start moving the various nodes that will appear on the canvas to produce the most stunning effects. The colour palette – complete with a variety of gradients – will let you play with unlimited colour combinations and possibilities, and the Random Fields option will give your design a gentle push by providing you with a set of basic patterns whose hundreds of particles and waves can be easily customized using the various tints and glows available.

The program’s interface includes a timeline where you can set the duration and the position of the various animations, and its dark-coloured design will make all of your graphics glow. Its unlimited undo and redo options allow for an infinite number of variations, and the fast rendered built into Amberlight will allow you to produce both images, sequences and full animations in standard and high-definition formats. Thus, its new support for the H.264 codec will let you save your works of art as MOV or MKV files, as well as in other 2K and 4K video files, either compressed or lossless.

Amberlight’s only limit is your own imagination. It does not matter how much experience you have in creating computer-generated graphics or not – this simple yet sophisticated tool will let anyone with a creative mind to produce astonishing multi-layered animations based on true mathematics and hypnotic magnetic fields.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Suitable for both experts and beginners
  • Beautiful random animations
  • Timeline-based elegant interface
  • Includes scene profiles


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